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Okay we get it, there are literally thousands of e-liquids to choose from out there when you're thinking about what to vape next or maybe you need to switch up that juice you have been vaping for the last few weeks.

Chances are you are always looking for the next best thing especially because of how often newer ranges of e-liquids are being introduced. So where do we begin? In this entry we have compiled a list of the top 5 e-liquids that are seen flying off the shelves at V12 Vapes . We would love to hear your thoughts about our top 5 list so don’t hesitate to get involved in the conversation in-store when you visit us! 

1. Nasty Juice - BAD BLOOD

Nasty Juice seems to be getting everything right and their bad blood e juice is a worthy addition to their already expansive collection of e-liquids. The main body of the flavour is centred around a blackcurrant base with subtle notes of mint as you exhale which adds greater depth to the overall vaping experience with this e-liquid. 

Composition & Availability

Nic Strength : 0/3/6mg

Available in 50ml

PG/VG : 30/70

2. Dinner Lady - LEMON TART

This one is an instant classic, there have been many attempts by other companies and manufacturers to try and replicate or bounce off the lemon tart vibe but we can confidently say that the Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady stands alone. The way in which you can literally taste the lemon pudding combined with the pastry and meringue can only described as 'yum' as and when we have asked customers.

Composition & Availability 

Nic Strength : 0/3/6mg

3 x 10ml Bottles of Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady E-Liquid

PG/VG: 30/70

3. Dr Vapes - DAT BLUE STUFF

Made in the UK and prescribed for you by the Dr himself. This throwback flavouring is a great way to travel back to your childhood to taste that decadent blue raspberry slush puppy. This is one of those e-juice flavours that you shouldn't be able to vape all day, but you probably will. 

Composition & Availability 

Nic Strength: 0mg 

Bottle Size: 62ml

PG/VG: 22% / 78% 

4. Milkman - MILKY O's

Two words: cookies & milk. What happens when you create a beautifully balanced e-liquid that contains equal parts of both those flavours? We get magic and this is the perfect e-liquid if you are the type who enjoys a drag on the creamy and milkier flavours. It is the type of liquid that you have to try for yourself to really see how well Milkman have done in creating this blend.  

Composition & Availability

Nicotine Strength: 0/3/6 mg 

Bottle Size: 3x10ml

PG/VG: 1% / 99% 

5. 12 Monkeys - HARAMBAE

12 Monkeys H 2 .jpg

Those familiar with 12 Monkeys as a brand will know that they rarely disappoint and with their recent TPD approved release of Harambe we were extremely excited to see what we and our customers thought of the new e-liquid. What you get from the e-liquid is a citrus inspired cocktail of flavours starting with lemon lime and orange and transitioning towards undertones of guava. This is a perfect choice for those who favour a more zesty and activated flavour which remains consistent. 

Composition & Availability

Nicotine Strength: 3/6/12 mg

Bottle Size: 3x10ml

PG/VG: 20% / 80% 

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