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If you’re just getting started with vaping or doing some research into what exactly ‘e-liquids’ or ‘e-juices’ are in the context of vaping then this article will be a nice little walk through. 

E Liquid Definition: a liquid used in an e-cigarette or similar device that is heated to produce a vapour that is inhaled.

E juices are liquids primarily made up of three to four components. Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and the flavourings. These four ingredients make up the complete profile of any e-liquid with the final component ‘the flavour’ being the defining factor when it comes to taste and the VG / PG ratio determines and contributes towards the cloudiness and the overall vape experience. 

The nicotine component, which is available in a range of strengths from 0 mg (nicotine free) to 18 mg the strength of nicotine you choose will rest largely on the amount of cigarettes you smoked per day. Up to now we have seen that e liquids are made up of 3/4 different ingredients, this makes a nice change from the over 4,000 chemicals found in a traditional cigarette. 

Now that we have briefly covered the composition of e-liquids lets dive into the different flavour categories and what each of them has to offer. 

As you may already know there are literally thousands of different e-liquid brands out there making fantastic e-liquids which makes it quite difficult in a way to get your head round where to start looking and how to even begin the search for your ideal e-liquid. It's best to define the types of e-liquids available in broad categories.


Dessert Based 

These types have a flavour profile which draw their inspiration from food and drink items such as ‘crumble-berry pie’ ‘churros’ or quite literally ‘the milkman’. These liquids usually have quite a defined flavour with a rather imposing yet subtle taste, great if you like the idea of quite a subtle yet defined flavour notes.


Tobacco Flavoured Blends

Are you an ex-smoker who actually enjoys and/or misses the taste of tobacco? Well there are e-liquids made for you with all the flavour however only without burning the actual leaf. You know that freshly cut tobacco smell when you used to open your new packet of cigarettes? That is precisely what you will be vaping and at the same time you will have control over the strength of the nicotine you are also taking in, which is huge for those on their way to quitting. 


Fruity Liquids 

This category is a classic and a go to for newly initiated vapers. You can’t really go wrong with choosing a fruity blend that will satisfy your nic craving as well as taste great! Stand out flavours include the whole Horny Flava range, we can’t recommend this Malaysian based e-juice enough. Our personal favourite is the Pinberry which has such a fine and unique taste, you have to try it to really experience it.


Candy Based 

This next category is for those of you with a sweet tooth. Want to vape candy floss, sour worms, gummy? Well it’s all possible, chances are if you’ve enjoyed a particular sweet in your childhood then someone has made that into an e-liquid.



In all honestly the best advice we have to offer is to try your hand at each type and know for sure which type of e-liquid works well for you. Because there is nothing worse than spending your money on an e-liquid to find out that you won’t actually be able to stand vaping it and it simply collects dust on your bedside table. Now you might be thinking ‘hey, how can I try each type of flavour to be sure, that sounds pretty expensive’. Well that’s where we encourage every vape enthusiast to go to their local vape shop and talk to the people that work there and test the e-liquids. Thankfully at V12 Vapes we fully support the ‘try before you buy’ culture and encourage all those local to the hounslow area to come and see us to have the chance to test and buy over 200 e-juices. 

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